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We receive a large number of applications every summer from really deserving students. Due to the limited funds, we sadly have to turn down many qualified applicants. We appeal to our members and supporters to help in this worthwhile effort. You cannot find a better cause to support than the education of these bright young minds and to encourage them to stay in their home town. Our future in Bethlehem depends on them.

As of May 2007, fifteen Family Scholarships have been established by members of the following families:

Anton Issa Hazboun, Saleh Said Hazboun, Handal Family, Robert & Alecia Dabdoub, John Peter Dabdoub, Hanna Essa Kawas, Bishara & Marie Morcos, Hazboun George Hazboun, Joseph Anton Hazboun, William & Blanca Hubbell, Dwayne & Abeer Handal-Banks, William & Nawal Shahin, Ijha-Canawati, Francis Dibsy, Bishara & Elena Kawas.

If you are interested in setting up your own Family Scholarship, please contact, the Scholarship committee chairman, Dr. Edward A. Hazboun at: 610-353 2010, or fill in and send the form below.

We are far from achieving our objective of not turning down really deserving and needy students. A lot more help is needed. Your contributions, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated. Please click the link below to send your contribution.

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