The Bethlehem Association
Bethlehem Association

Organizations We Have Helped

Below is a list of charities we have helped in the Bethlehem area and the work they do. If you wish to contribute directly to any of these organization, please let us know.

The Catholic Action Association

The Catholic Action Association founded the Catholic Action Center located in Bethlehem in 1956 as a principal social center for the Christians of Bethlehem. The Center provides Christian Palestinians a place of respite from the realities of life in the Holy Land. It houses a theater, swimming pool, teaching classrooms, a computer lab, dining facilities, offices and a new physical fitness room. In the last few years a conference center was added for adult education and catechesis in addition to a new sports center where local Christian youth play soccer and basketball. Under construction is a new gymnasium that will seat 700 spectators for basketball games. It will be the only one of its kind in the West Bank allowing for teams from different towns to compete.

The Antonian Charitable Society of Bethlehem

Established in 1913 by a group of young Arab Christians to serve the needs of the poor and destitute in the region. Their work comprises: A nursing home for elderly women, a free clinic to treat poor and elderly families, a nursery for preschool children from poor families to allow their mothers to work, low income housing for 55 families, a second low income housing project to help young Palestinian Christians stay in their homeland (young people in Bethlehem cannot afford to rent the very limted and expensive housing available in the area).

The Arab Women's Union of Bethlehem

Founded in 1947 on the announcement of the Partition of Palestine. Organizes several self help projects for women. The embroidery and sewing center trains and employs over 130 women continuously. Many graduates later work at home or in factories to help support their families. Operates a fine arts and crafts school to teach and train young people drawing, engraving, wood carving and stone sculpture in a three year program; graduates find work in local crafts and mother of pearl factories or set up their own small businesses. Runs a special school and workshop for retarded children to teach them self reliance. Operates a produce preservation and canning shop to teach local farmers and families to make jams and to preserve local fruits and vegetables. The embroidery center makes and sells many table cloths, cushion covers, runners, small articles done in the typical Palestinian colorful cross stitch embroidery designs. Organizes meetings and discussion groups to deal with many community and family affairs. Runs a day care center and helps needy individuals. Maintains a traditional Bethlehem house filled with antiques, artefacts, and costumes for visitors to appreciate Bethlehem history. Holds charity parties to distribute food, clothes and toys to poor children at Christmas and mother's day.

Women's Childcare Society of Beit Jala

Founded in 1944 to provide medical care for mothers and children. It now runs a nursery for the children of working mothers, and rents out crucially needed low cost apartments. It also runs an embroidery center and sewing workshop to provide work for women. Typing and computer courses.

The Arab Women's Union of Beit Sahur

Runs a Kindergarten in the Beit Sahour area. Wants to install central heating to cut electric bills.

Bissat E'Rahme Orthodox Charitable Society of Bethlehem

Small donations to many needy families in immediate distress.

St. Afraim's Syrian Orthodox Benevolent Society

Direct assistance to needy families.

Milk Grotto Charitable Society

Direct assistance to needy individuals and families.

Hamilat et-Teeb

Direct assistance to needy families.

Sisters of St. Joseph

Main Christian school for girls in Bethlehem. Many of our members graduated there. The economic situation in Bethlehem has deteriorated to the point that many parents cannot pay the modest tuition fees. To balance their budget the school has to drastically reduce the maintenance of their buildings and facilities. Some have not been painted for 15 or 20 years. Donations can pay the tuition fees of needy students.

Rosary Sisters

To help needy students at this girls school in the heart of Bethlehem. Some of our members also graduated from this school.

The Arab Orthodox Benevolent Society of Beit Jala

Established in 1907 to support the poor and incapacitated people of Beit Jala. Offers scholarships to high school and university students. Material and financial help to prisoners' families, invalids, and old people. Helps people with medical costs. Sponsors scout troupes for boys and girls. Short term courses in English, computer skills, and needle crafts.

Friends of the Sick Clinic

Medical outpatient sevices for the poor.

The National Society For The Visually Handicapped

Academic and physical education of the blind and National Library for the blind in Beit-Jala.

The Rehabilitation Center for the Handicapped, Beit-Jala

Training and workshop for the physically handicapped to train them to take care of themselves and become independent and self sufficient.

Guidance and Training Center

Founded in 1994 to offer psychological counseling and guidance to all age groups through contacts in hospitals, refugee camps, local households, and community organizations. A six-month clinical training course is offered in conuseling and psychotherapeutic skills. Community awareness of mental health issues is promoted through lectures and workshops. Research into depression, post-traumatic stress syndrome and developmental delay provides valuable insights into Palestinian life under oppression, unrest, and economic distress. There is a special education therapist for children with special needs.

Islamic Charitable Society

Financial help to needy families, child care and primary education.

Rawdat El-Zuhur (Garden of Flowers)

Established in 1952 as a home for girls, it is now an elementary and kindergarten coeducational school in East Jerusalem for 250 needy children. English starts in first grade and music, sports and art are all encouraged.