The Bethlehem Association
Bethlehem Association


The Bethlehem Association maintains a scholarship fund to provide financial aid for the education and training of capable and needy students from the Bethlehem, Beit-Jala, Beit-Sahur area at Bethlehem University. Twenty-five to thirty scholarships are granted each year and awarded at the beginning of the Fall semester to pay full tuition fees. Since the inception of the program, the Association has helped over 250 students.

The fund consists of:

  1. Individual Family Scholarships that are maintained and supported by various donors from the named families.
  2. A General Scholarship supported by contributions from the general membership.

It is administered independently by the Scholarship Committee in accordance with the objectives of the donors in the case of the family contributions and those of the Board of Directors in the case of the general contributions.

Scholarship Fund Contacts Info:

Chairman: Dr. Edward Anton Hazbun

Media, Pennsylvania

Treasurer: Edward Saleh Hazboun

Warren, Ohio