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How to Apply

To apply for these scholarships students must fill detailed application forms supplied by the Association. These are available from the Dean of Students at Bethlehem University and from the principal at the main high schools in the Bethlehem area. They are also required to send recommendations from their teachers and original transcripts of their grades. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 is required from students attending the University and a Tawjihi score above 75% for high school graduates. Applications must be received before June 30 of each year. Go to the link below for Detailed Instructions and an Application Form in Adobe Acrobat, PDF format:

The student must carefully read and follow the application requirements. The requirements page must be signed by the student and sent with the completed application form. The deadline for receiving applications is July 31, 2015 for the coming academic year

Application Form and Guidelines for 2019-20 Academic Year